Carnival 2021


Students from some conceptionist schools in Brazil participated in the carnival dance. During the celebration, students and educators had fun in a totally safe way, respecting social distancing and […]

Lunar new year


February 12 this year was the Lunar New Year, a traditional holiday in Korea. Children from the Chongnung Children's Center wore the anbok (traditional dress) and […]

We start Lent


Lent begins in the Conceptionist Centers of the Province of Spain.

Welcome to YouTube


On February 2, the Primary and Baccalaureate pedagogical team of the Inmaculada Concepción de Machado School welcomed the students, through the School's YOTUBE channel.

Lent 2021


Here is Pope Francis's message for Lent 2021: "Look, we are going up to Jerusalem... (Mt 20:18). Lent: a time to renew faith, hope and […]

Betania Educational Center- 51 years


This Thursday, 02/11, 2021, the Rincón Betania Educational Center (CERB) celebrates 51 years of its foundation. To commemorate, students, former students and educators of the institution have given testimony […]