International Mission Meeting

International Mission Meeting In the General Government plan, an International Conceptionist Congress was scheduled for the year 2022, which could not be held due to the effects […]

International meeting of trainers

On August 31, September 1, 2 and 3, 2023, an international meeting of trainers took place at the General House of Madrid-Sánchez Guerrero. The theme was cultivating, caring for, […]

M. Isabel Moraza Visits Kisenso

M. Isabel Moraza, Superior General of the Conceptionist Missionaries of Education Congregation, is on a pastoral visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (destination where […]

Pascual experience with the MLC

EASTER EXPERIENCE In the Easter week, when the hallelujahs of Easter Sunday were still resounding, some members of the MLC lived a rich Easter experience, we could even call it Pentecostal. Because the […]

Spiritual Exercises in Salamanca

The Religious Conceptionists who are participating in the preparation course for perpetual profession this year, 2023, have started a month of spiritual exercises in Salamanca. We wish you a lot of capacity […]

Prayer time

On February 25, the Conceptionist nuns who are taking the preparation course for perpetual profession shared a little prayer at the College of Burgos.


The International Education Team met the week of February 21-25 at the General House. In the photos we can see its members in the oratory […]